LifeIsLikeABoardGame.com is a discussion about many things. Kickstarter, educational games, lessons in chemistry, biology and physics, my projects and research in public health as well as a few crazy stories from my personal life. Really it’s a discussion of all the things that matter to me. But my hope is that you can find something that matters to you too.

Currently, I am trying to launch a game on kickstarter (KS) called ATOMIC ZERO. I am hoping to launch sometime in the spring of 2014. With this said, my most recent content will address how to prepare for a kickstarter (KS) campaign and many things a backer, like myself, would like to see in a project before supporting it. I am also planning on posting about the process I went through to design my game.

But, along the way I will probably sprinkle in topics in the sciences or other interesting things that come up! Hope you like what you find and please, please feel free comment on anything!

“Men have always one of two things: either a complete and conscious philosophy or the unconscious acceptance of the broken bits of some incomplete and often discredited philosophy… Philosophy is merely thought that has been thought out. It is often a great bore. But man has no alternative, except being influenced by thought that has been thought out and being influenced by thought that has not been thought out.” 

- G.K. Chesteron