Why I Started a Blog

Sometimes people talk and talk about so many things and for long periods of time, but rarely actually say anything. The funny thing about having a “conversation” in writing, whether over a blog with comments, emails, letters, or what have you, it’s much more difficult to just talk without saying something. I’m not saying that no one ever writes without saying anything, I am saying that it is so much harder to do so with writing. Not because people are smarter when they write, or care more or are more on point when they write, but because writing take so much more effort – so much more time and thought to write it out and to make sure your grammar and spelling are correct. And everyone knows that once you write it down you can’t twist it around and say, “I didn’t say what you think I said, I said this…” in order to alter what you’ve said after that fact. So usually lazy people who like to just talk to sound smart, stay away from writing things out. And for this very reason, I didn’t want to write down my thoughts.

But I would still go out and have conversations with people about controversial and sensitive topics, about things that mattered though. But then people would just talk for such long periods of time without ever saying anything. So that’s why I am writing a blog. So we can have a conversation about things that matter, and we can actually get somewhere with this conversation. I don’t claim to know a whole lot, I just like to talk about things that matter. And I’ve studied people who are much smarter than me and I would like to talk about what they’ve taught me. So here I go.