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Of the many principles to sales, one very important principle is to connect on a personal level with the individual you’re trying to sell to. Or said in an even more shallow way – get them to like you! When I am deciding whether to back a KS project or not, it is very important that I feel like I can connect in some way with the project creator. I want to know that he or she is an overall good person and cares greatly about their project.

The funny thing is, I most likely won’t ever know this person in real life so it doesn’t really matter if this is true or not. But this is a key point for anyone who wishes to be a successful Kickstarter (KS) project creator!

I’ve created the below after sitting down and recording my thoughts while viewing multiple KS projects over the past few most, and deciding whether to back them or not. These ideas can be articulated through the written content on your page or in your bio, but the most effective way in through your video.

Talk a Little about Yourself

I want to see that you are another average person, just like me. If you’re a big corporation selling a product, I’ll only back it if I really want the product. However, if you’re another average person with a regular 9-to-5 job that you only half-heartedly care about but working hard to turn this dream of yours into a reality, then I can empathize with you!

It doesn’t need to be long winded, nor should it be, but I want to know a little about as well. Tell me what you do in real life, how this idea came about, why you started this project and why you want it to become a reality. I love backing project when I feel like it could be me sitting behind that camera!

Seem Happy and Smile

I have clicked the “back” button on numerous projects because the project creator seemed just too plain! I would think to myself, “how is backing this project going to make me any more happy if the person launching this project isn’t even happy to be launching it?” So make sure this is clear on your page and especially in your video!

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

It’s not all business on KS. If you think certain things are funny, don’t be afraid to add a little humor to you project page and especially your video!

Communicate Your Passion

This is very important! Let shine your enthusiasm and passion for your KS project. If you want me to get excited about this project, you should be excited too. This may not only translate into convincing me to become a backer, but will give me reason to tell my friends as well.

If you’ve been a part of the KS community for longer than a few days you will probably have heard this point already. So much so that most people let it pass in one ear and out the other. But the truth is, I have decided not to back a number of KS projects simply because I didn’t feel like the project creator was very passionate about their idea.

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