This page is a compilation of essential Kickstarter advice and material that I’ve collected while supporting and backing many successful, as well as failed, Kickstarter projects.

It also includes a lot of the research I have done while getting ready for my own Kickstarter campaign.

This information consists of invaluable tips that sucked me into successful projects, mistakes I seen made, which stalled or even tanked projects, as well as advice from some of the most influential Kickstarter consultants and industry advocates. Let’s get started.

What I Look for in a Kickstarter Project and Why I’ll Back It

I Back Projects That – Personally Connect With Me

I Back Projects That – Convince Me It’s Worth Investing In

I Back Projects That – Catch My Attention

Why Use Kickstarter to Fund My Idea?

Top 10 Things to Consider if You Want to have a Successful KS Campaign

Want to Launch a Kickstarter Project? – Things You Should Do RIGHT NOW!

Want to Launch a Kickstarter Project? – Advice on what to do Next!

Top 10 Lesson I learned from Funding the Dream Podcast

Top 10 Lesson I learned from James Mathe

Top 10 Lesson I learned from Facebook Best Practices and Kickstarter Lessons

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